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Yes, Le Mat is an Italian invention but since the very beginning our ambition was to share and to increase our know-how and our social entrepreneurial mission with other social entrepreneurs in Europe and in the world.

So when the Swedish Social co-operatives Vägen Ut asked us already in 2005 to help them to set up a Le Mat SPECIAL PLACE also in Sweden we immediately agreed and a very interesting process of know how transference started.

The first step was to read and to understand the Le Mat Manuals. So they called a
Swedish expert in hotel business and together we discussed all the elements of the
Handbooks and a possible Swedish future strategy based on the Italian business
idea and the Manuals.

One of the main and most important decisions after reading the Handbooks was to
follow the Italian experience and to set up from the beginning a group of working
members from Vaegen ut, seriously interested in the social tourism business
and in becoming a Le Mat Special Place. They would have followed directly the
development steps until the first LE MAT HOTEL in Goteborg. And the first step
was a study visit of the whole group in HOTEL TRITONE to exchange with the
Italian colleagues, hear their experience, difficulties, enthusiasm, discuss how to
avoid their same mistakes.

Than the research in Goteborg: how to find the building? It was a long and not easy
work. Our Swedish colleagues wanted a place in a central area of the town, at least
30 rooms in order to reach easily the break-even point. But the real estate market
also in Sweden seemed not to permit small hoteliers to exist. So for a while we all
were angry and depressed.

Than they thought to start rending one floor in a big building and so the first B&B LE MAT opened in Goteborg in 2009 with 13 rooms without bathrooms. The group was quite the same as when they started and they couldn’t believe to be able to start. For us it was quite the same emotion when we
saw the neon sign B&B LE MAT on the street of Goeteborg.

In the meantime they have another floor (28 rooms - 2012) and LE MAT SWEDEN
is developing also in other towns also with the help of a the Swedish co-operative
development Coompanion and some European friends as SEFEA.
More details you can obviously know directly from their website. For a visit contact DANIEL

Italians and Swedish together set up the LE MAT EUROPE a cooperative society
legally based in Sweden. LE MAT EUROPE will drive the development in the other European or Extra European countries.

Certainly LE MAT’s business model can be replicated everywhere – each franchisee will be UNIQUE in it’s performing the LE MAT culture and concepts.

We are convinced that the SOCIAL FRANCHISING model can be useful.

SOCIAL FRANCHISING as FRANCHISING is a different way to grow, a risk sharing
methodology for entrepreneurs. We are convinced that the LE MAT business idea
through the contribution of the new franchisees and our Swedish and European
partners is steadily evolving. Certainly it isn’t as easy as it may seem.

We are working together with the EUROPEAN SOCIAL FRANCHISING NETWORK and with many other development agencies in Europe and we are trying to find LE MAT SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS in UK,
Poland, Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and many other places.

To become a SOCIAL FRANCHISEE you only have to contact us.

LE MAT SPECIALPLACES aren’t only beautiful places for your holidays, a way to
discover a quite unknown Italy. Here you can really study social entrepreneurship in
rural areas, big cities, on the beach and in the mountains. We organize your study
trip, help you in the translation work and facilitate meetings with the local actors.

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