Thursday February 22 , 2018
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Le Mat in Italy

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The development story of the LE MAT brand and social franchising system (look to
THE BRAND) explains quite well that in Italy it was and it is still a really collective
development process. We wanted social entrepreneurs to be the owners of the
brand and we wanted them to contribute with their local practices to the main LE
MAT quality characteristics.
That’s why we first created a not for profit organization where the main social
co-operatives who developed the brand. The first engaged and committed
professionals joined with the aim to develop the brand and the franchise system.

Actually the ASSOCIATION LE MAT is also the LE MAT Travellers’ Association.
Beside our website the LE MAT Association manages a blog called
“Social Travellers” . We are convinced that the final
quality control of our LE MAT brand is the task of our travellers, they decide if the
LE MAT places are really SPECIAL, they decide to return and to tell the stories of
their trips and journeys with LE MAT. That’s why for us Travellers are very precious
and we have to cooperate with them in developing the Le Mat travel products.
Sometimes these travellers are professionals as tour operators or travel agencies.
But often we find our travellers in the social networks, in the big world of social
entrepreneurs. In some way all these committed people are owners of the LE MAT

In 2008 we set up also a development agency, a Consortium between social co-
operatives. We needed to involve other social co-operatives in Italy to develop the
LE MAT brand to spread it all over the country.

And last but not least LE MAT is a strong group of experts, professionals, social
entrepreneurs who manage the franchising processes, the development of the
products, the marketing and communication work. They all are freelance but deeply
committed to LE MAT and they call themselves LE MAT social entrepreneurs.
They developed the Manuals and procedures, tested them in different places, they
help the new LE MATs to develop their business. They also work to bring LE MAT
outside Italy. And they bring Travellers from abroad to Italy. They are members
of the Association and they are owners of the brand. They have their own social
medium space where they exchange know how and procedures and where they
develop training innovation.

In many places and here you find some of them .

Each LE MAT is quite SPECIAL and linked to a local network. So also if they don’t
manage a HOTEL or a HOSTEL by themselves you can find a LE MAT friend and a
good accommodation. You only have to ask us!

In addition there is the LE MAT TRAINING CENTRE in Umbria in one of our
Hostels: LA TANA LIBERA TUTTI. Here we generally organize study visits or some
of our training sections called OFFICINA LE MAT.






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