Thursday February 22 , 2018
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Stories, feelings, pictures, landscapes...
travelling with Le Mat social entrepreneurs and discovering unknown parts of Italy.

Le Mat's social entrepreneurs would like tourism to be something more than just relaxing, away from it all; something more holistic and inclusive than a narrow, specialized industry. We see tourism as an opportunity to restore, to replenish, and to add value to our daily lives, our work and our challenges; to support and to share in the initiatives and extraordinary feats of people living in the areas surronding the places we visit. We would like you to meet the people cultivating the soil; those who develop their talents and cultures; those that want change and to fight against discrimination and exclusion, against the destruction of Nature and Community. We would like a tourism able to open the minds towards those who are different from us, a tourism where you can meet people who are curious to meet you; where through travelling and discovering unfamiliar methods, thoughts and actions you can listen to thousands of stories and experiences of different cultures of local communities willing to exchange with and to welcome who come from abroad ... That's both why and how we are developing the Le Mat social brand and using a social franchising system in order to appeal to more SPECIAL PLACES, SPECIAL PEOPLE AND SPECIAL VALUES LE MAT, to develop the Le Mat brand of sustainable tourism throughout Italy, Europe and perhaps the world! It has been said that we propose to deliver SOCIAL TOURISM. We would like you to become SOCIAL TRAVELLERS! Here you will find everything about our organization and philosophy, alongside numerous suggestions for travel in a more socialized world...Please contact us for answers to any questions you have!

Le Mat has implemented the basis for a CSR management and complies with the TOURCERT requirements
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